The Story Harbor

A safe space to tell your story and listen to stories of others

A safe space to tell your story and listen to stories of othersA safe space to tell your story and listen to stories of othersA safe space to tell your story and listen to stories of others

Welcome to The Story Harbor

You’ve been on your journey for quite some while, and you feel that it’s time to make a stop.

You survived the storms but may still carry a heavy burden of your past.

You have been to many places but may be tired from wandering aimlessly through life.

You helped a lot of people along the way but now may be lost and seeking guidance.

You crossed paths with other travelers but may feel lonely traveling solo.

Maybe, you are struggling to navigate in total darkness and looking for beacons on life’s voyage.

Maybe, you need a retreat to escape high winds and heavy rains or calm your storms.

Maybe, you wish to share experiences you’ve gained on your journey – those of adversity and luck, struggles and adventures, failures and growth, loses and wins, heartaches and joys.

I invite you to The Story Harbor – a safe space to tell your story and listen to stories of others.

Speaking your truth is always liberating and empowering.

Moreover, your story can be invaluable to people who’ve been through the same or can relate in other ways.

By helping others with your experiences you are completing your own healing.

At The Story Harbor, you can find shelter and peace here before reaching your final destination.

Slow down, drop the anchor, and get some rest.

Unload the baggage from the past, so you can continue traveling light.

Take new passengers, so you can have like-minded companions on your travels.

Most importantly, share the lessons you were given along the way and gift the treasures of consolation and hope to others.

Welcome to The Story Harbor – a place of security, comfort, and healing, the last stop on your way home.

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Your healing journey is your personal story. All the destinations comprise its chapters. There is a lot of pain and growth on those pages, and relapses are randomly thrown onto the timeline. By healing, you are editing your story and giving it a better ending. By vocalizing your story, you are finishing your healing journey.

About Us


The Healing Power of Storytelling

I have always been curious about people and indulged in their personal stories.

That’s why I started the success stories series while working as a journalist at my last job, then went on a trip to collect interviews with interesting people for a future podcast, and finally, started a business as a personal brand strategist helping creative entrepreneurs authentically tell their personal stories.

While doing all of that, I was also going through difficult life experiences. This is when I discovered the healing power of storytelling – not only I felt liberated and empowered when speaking my truth in online communities and face-to-face groups, but I could see that my story was giving hope to others, and I myself was gaining strength from people who had overcome challenges and mastered the art of letting go of things that they couldn’t change.

After learning firsthand how sharing a personal story in a secure environment can help release trauma and transform a person into a better version of themselves, I suddenly felt the calling to create a safe space where people could heal through sharing what happened to them and giving hope to others, and where they could get encouraged by examples of others.

That’s how the idea of The Story Harbor was born – a place to make a stop and unload your burden so that you can reach the final destination on your healing journey.

I deeply believe in the importance of sharing a personal story and hope we can create a community and a movement of people who heal each other through storytelling.

Alinka Land,



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